Restaurant Review: Coley's Caribbean American Cuisine

With no reservations I have to say Coleys is the best Jamaican food in the San Fernando Valley. I have eaten there a handful of times and the food and service has never been disappointing. Last Sunday after work I had a craving for some fried fish and happen to be driving by Coleys, so I thought I’d stop in and have some of the Escoveitched Fish, which is a fried tropical king fish marinated in vinegar and garnished with onion, carrot, and pepper.

While looking at the menu I came across a dish I have never had before. The Negril Red Snapper, which is a tropical red snapper baked and basted with the chef's special sauce. My fish craving was satisfied 10 fold. It was soooooooooo good, some of the best fish I’ve had in awhile. It’s even inspired me to cook some fish for the Laker play off game later this week.

If you like Jamcain food, you know the patties are a staple. I had the shrimp patty for the first time and it was very delicious especially with the scotch bonnet hot sauce. I have also had the jerk chicken and the ox tail during past visits, which are both good and many folks seem to like it. If you decide to grub there make sure you try the Appletons rum and my favorite Caribbean soda “Ting” to help wash down all that good island food.

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