Messing Around in tha Kitchen: Steamed Chili Lime Cod

I've been trying to eat more healthy these days and get fit. I found myself on a Monday night thinking about what to do with some cod I had thaw out. 6PM rolls around and I still had no ideas and I knew I needed to come up with something soon because I am trying real hard not to eat late any more.

7PM rolled around and I just went in the kitchen and let a dish come to me. I look around to see what I had to work with. Lots of lime, some chili pepper, ohhh and this chili lime salt I just purchased. Hmmm some oyster mushrooms that I've had for almost a week so I better use these. Oh yes some ginger that I was going to use tonight to make some ginger-mint lemonade. My inner health coach is telling me "Why not steam them together"

Hell .....why not, so I started with a slice of red onion on the bottom, two garlic cloves, and some fresh thinly sliced ginger.

Check out my rigged steamer: a strainer and a small pot and I covered it with a plate. Cooking is about improvising. I steamed them for about 3 minutes. I added some oyster mushrooms that I coated with some black bean chili. DAMN I forgot to take pictures of that. I then steamed for another 3 minutes.

I seasoned my cod with this chili lime salt I got from one of my favorite places to get groceries "Green Market". I placed the cod in the makeshift steamer with two slices of lime and let it steam for about ten minutes.

 I had some tabouli left over, not enough so I thought I'd use some of my fresh tomatoes, Persian cucumbers , and some capers to make a salad to top off the fish. This would help add some crunch to this nice tender and flaky fish.

The onion, ginger, garlic and oyster mushrooms complemented it very well. They weren't mushy and had a great velvety consistency to help contrast with the fish. I enjoyed this random creation and hope to share it with a special lady soon.

-Stay hungry my friends.

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